Lore Gonzales is a Filipino-American, non-binary interdisciplinary artist, portrait photographer, and theatermaker based in Oakland, CA / Chochenyo Ohlone Territory. They were born in the Philippines and grew up in the Bay Area after immigrating to the US with their parents when they were three years old. They primarily work with and specialize in digital/analog photography, photo animation, video, experimental theater, and everything in between. Lore is passionate about community building and lifting up their communities through art. They hold a BA in Ethnic Studies and Theater & Performance Studies from UC Berkeley.

With a background in visual art, theater, digital marketing, and community building, Lore’s artistic work often reflects the intersectional, diasporic experience of being a Queer Person of Color, Filipinx, and Asian-American. Lorenz enjoys making stories that capture the emotional depth of what makes us human. They bring an artful, intentional, and thoughtful approach to any project and always strive to create work that is cinematic, full of life, and emotion.

Outside of making art, you can find them making coffee, tending to plants, playing music with friends, reading horoscopes (they are a Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, + Virgo Rising), and walking their pup Arya.


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